Lovin’ Me Some Chevron


Chevron is so hot right now and I am really loving it! This retro zig-zag pattern adds so much fun to any room. Look out stripe! Head for the hills plaid! There’s a new chevron in town!

As I was planning the kids’ room, I knew I wanted to use a chevron print for the curtains but wanted a cool shelf over the window. While browsing Pinterest one day, I stumbled upon this great picture of a window shelf from Martha Stewart.com. The picture looked pretty easy so I didn’t bother looking up the DIY instructions on it. (It’s also nice to have a really handy husband that is willing to help.)

As it turned out, this project was very easy and made such a big difference to the room and window. I made my window measurements and headed to Home Depot. I did not take pictures of my step-by-step process, but I think you’ll find it easy to do. Here is the entire list of what you’ll need:

  • 1 wood board 1/2 inch thick by 10 inches deep (width based on your window)
  • 2 wooden corbels
  • 1 curtain rod with finials
  • Wall anchors / screws
  • White paint
  • Acrylic latex caulk plus silicone in white
  • 5 yards of fabric – made two 84″ panels

Start first by measuring the width of your window. My window is pretty close to the wall, but I still had enough room to put the corbels on the sides. I also used a curtain rod with finials, so the rod goes through the corbel and the finial screws in to the other side, so you’ll have to account for that width too.

Once you have your measurements, head to the hardware store to get your supplies. Start by picking out the corbels you want to use. Home Depot has quite a big selection of styles, but you’ll need ones that have solid sides to put a curtain rod through. This is the style I used and they were $9.98 each. Next, look for a board that will accommodate the corbel depth. An inexpensive piece of pine will work especially if you plan on painting the wood. Now grab a dude in an orange apron and ask them to cut the wood to the width you need. It saves a lot of time to not have to cut wood at home. Make sure you take into consideration the width of your window, the corbel and the finial. That combined will be the final width of the wood.


Next here is where the slightly tricky part comes in. You have to figure out where to drill the hole for the curtain rod. This all depends on the corbel you got. I held mine up to the corner of the window and used the best scientific approach I had; I eyeballed it! Yup, worked like a charm. It may require a second set of hands, but I really wanted to see visually where to place the rod on the corbel. Once I got it where I wanted it, I had hubby drill a hole large enough to fit the curtain rod.

Now, paint your shelf and corbels. Once dry, hang the corbels on the wall, on either side of the top corner of your window, level with the top of the window frame. On the photo from Martha Stewart, they hung the shelf on the window frame itself, but I think that makes the window look much smaller. Make sure you use sturdy wall anchors since they could end up holding a lot of weight. They are pretty easy to hang, kind of like a picture frame and the instructions usually come with the corbel. It is safest to secure the shelf to the corbels. Once you have them up, squeeze a small amount of caulk on the corbel tops and place your shelf on top and center it. I also put some caulk on my finger and filled in any open cracks I could find on the sides. This will dry and blend in perfect with white paint. If you choose to paint your shelf another color, you will want to touch the caulk up with paint after it’s dry.

As I mentioned earlier, I am loving chevron print but I could not really find any curtains pre-made that I really liked, so I decided to sew my own and found this rocking’ fabric from Carousel Designs. I am very pleased with the quality of this fabric, especially for the price of $7.50 a yard.

Making curtains is easy even for a non-sewer like me.


If you own a sewing machine, you can probably sew in a straight line, and that is basically all it takes to make curtains. You can certainly put up any store bought curtain, but if your feeling adventurous and have a specific fabric in mind, try making your own, it’s not hard at all. I’ve attached a great tutorial that I found here, if you need a little extra help making a basic curtain panel.

So now that your shelf is done, take the finials off of your curtain rod and put your curtains on. Slide the ends of the rod through the corbel holes and re-attach the finials on the ends.

Now all you have left to do is put some nifty decor up on the shelf and your all done.










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