I Don’t Think You’re Ready for This Belly….

Cuz’ my Belly’s too Babylicious for Ya Baby!

Watching Kortney’s belly grow has been so much fun. When you start out at a mere 89 lbs., you tend to show pretty quickly.  I thought it would be fun to track her progress with photos to see how she changes from month to month; she’s kinda like a Chia Pet.

As I write this, Kortney is experiencing her first signs of labor and we’ll be off to the hospital soon. Stay tuned to see the amazing arrival of out little sweetie, Kenzie Harper.


Click on the first photo to see the progression.






One Response to I Don’t Think You’re Ready for This Belly….

  1. Maddie Van Fleet says:

    This is simply amazing Kelly. You are so talented and so amazing. Your daughters are very lucky to have a mother like you. Kenzie has been blessed into a wonderful family and there are so many wonderful times that are in store for her and everyone. Congratulations to your new arrival. Kortney will be a wonderful Mom. After-all, she is learning and has learned from the best. Congratulations to your whole family!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God has given you all the best gift.

    With Love,


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