Pinterest Party

Ok ladies let’s get real with each other. How many of us can spend hours a day on Pinterest oohing and aahing and pinning to our hearts desire, with very good intentions to make this and bake that, and never really get around to doing any of it?


It’s simply in my DNA to create and I do all the time, but I find so many wonderful things I’d like to do on Pinterest that I’d seriously have to quit my job to find the time to do it all, (wouldn’t that be nice?) Well, I decided to try to defeat the pinning procrastination habit and get a group of Pinterest junkies together for a day of crafty fun.

We live in Florida and so Fall does not really bring about much of a difference as far as the weather is concerned. As soon as there is a slight drop in the temperature though, I’m in the mood for hot cocoa and anything pumpkin flavored (even if it is still almost 80° outside.) Regardless, we decided to make our Pinterest Party Fall inspired and would tackle making wreaths and decorated pumpkins like the ones I’ve listed on our Pinterest Board HERE.

Inspired by all the beautiful pins we gathered, we decided to focus on the pool noodle wreath wrapped in yarn, and adorned with felt flowers. It has so much character and provided so much flexibility for everyone to make something very unique. We also had some grapevine wreaths on hand for an alternate look. For a tutorial on how to make the foam pool noodle wreath form, click HERE. I attempted this form several ways and Karen from The Art of Doing Stuff nailed it. The only step I added was to rough up the pool noodle ends slightly with sand paper or a nail file so that the duct tape adheres a little better.

Once your form is made, start by hot gluing an end of your yarn onto the back of the wreath (no one will see it), then start wrapping. You can make nice straight lines or just wrap messy style with a little overlap. I also recommend doing this step in sections even if you are going to use the same color yarn all the way around, it just helps make this process easier to manage.

Now let your creativity and style take over. Some ladies used different colors of yarn and even wrapped some sections in felt and burlap. Always keep your glued ends on the back. Once you get all the way around, start the decorations. Berries, twine, felt leaves and flowers. The possibilities are endless.

Here is my mom’s wreath. I think it looks great!

For the pumpkins, we had several goodies on hand and let everyone play and be inspired by the pins on our board and by seeing the plethora of decorating supplies we had on hand.

The afternoon was a blast! We had plenty of goodies on hand to keep us fueled along with a couple of rounds of pina coladas which are an essential “craft supply”.

Click on the gallery below to see the fun day we had! I can’t wait for the next one. It was a great day to connect with friends, be creative and check off the list one of the 10,000 pins we’ve compiled.





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  1. Yulie Sekula via Facebook says:

    What great creations! Looks like it was a lot of fun 🙂

  2. Thanks Yulie. I hope the next one will be a cookie exchange.

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