Cameron is 6!

Today we had a birthday celebration with my favorite little man, Cameron. He is officially turning 6 on November 16th. It was a great day that started with lunch by special request from Cameron. Sweet & Spicy Chicken, rice, noodles, and egg rolls.

After lunch, it was of course time to open presents. We all made an attempt to get Cameron something a little different than what we usually get him, but the one gift that was a huge hit was of course the bucket of toy dinosaurs from G.G. Like he didn’t have enough already! But, like most young kids, they can get really hooked on certain things and can never get enough of it.

Cameron LOVES dinosaurs. Here’s a few more fun facts about Cameron.

  • He wants to grow up to be a cheetah
  • He loves to sing
  • He has always had the craziest facial expressions
  • He loves spicy food
  • He is totally into dinosaurs and animals
  • He has seen the movie Cars probably 9,326 times (just an estimate)
  • He can tell you more facts about wild animals than most adults could
  • He is very funny

Birthday’s are not complete without cake! Cameron asked for chocolate cupcakes so I did a little hunting on Pinterest and found a great recipe for a homemade chocolate buttercream icing. OMG, this icing was to die for. The only change I made was to not use a dark chocolate. You can find the recipe here.

Cameron is such a special little dude. He truly does have a gift for animals. When I was his age I could tell you about a kitty or a squirrel. Cameron can tell you all about tapirs, ocelots and ligers. I am really quite certain he will grow up and work with wild animals. Look out Jeff Corwin!

All in all it was a wonderful day. We are so blessed to have such an amazing family and to have such a special grandson like Cameron.

Happy birthday Cam, mama and papa love you very much!

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  1. Donna Charron-Dusseault via Facebook says:

    Happy Birthday Cameron!

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