Christmas Preztel Kisses

By Christy Foley

This fun recipe was so tasty and it turns out it was so easy to make. This would be a great treat to make any time of the year but a tin filled with these also makes a wonderful Christmas gift. They had that perfect combination of sweet and salty that is so addicting, and are perfectly bite sized. Make more than you think you need, because you will surely eat them all!


  1. Preheat your oven to 225 degrees. Spread mini pretzels on a cookie sheet so that they lie flat. Place one unwrapped Kiss on each pretzel.
  2. Place the cookie sheet into your oven and allow the Kisses to melt. Don’t leave the room, this really takes only 3 or 4 minutes, maybe less, depending on your oven.
  3. Take them out of the oven and check them. If you press on the Kiss and it squishes all the way down, they’re ready.
  4. Immediately press one M&M into each melted Kiss. Push them around a little so that chocolate touches all of the edges of the pretzels. This will make it harder for the Kiss to fall out of the pretzel once it cools.
  5. Allow the chocolate to set up and enjoy.
  6. Store them in the fridge.





2 Responses to Christmas Preztel Kisses

  1. Donna says:

    Try this also using Rolos. The added caramel is awesome

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