Gringo Enchiladas

I LOVE Mexican food! Being born and raised in California, you can get some very good and authentic Mexican grub. I was raised on this stuff and one of my favorite things are enchiladas. Traditionally, enchiladas are made by filling and rolling each individual corn tortilla. This can be quite tedious and since we usually throw quite a few shin-digs that involve a large crowd, I needed a way to make enchiladas that were quick to prepare and can feed a lot of people. My mom always made a great lasagna, so I came up with this recipe that was sort of “lasagna inspired”. Being a blonde hair, blue eyed Irish gal, this is my gringo spin on the traditional Mexican classic. It is easy to make and is always requested by my family.

Here is what you need to make a 13 x 9 inch casserole size.


30 – Corn tortillas (may use more or less)

5 – Cans of red enchilada sauce

1 – Large 32 oz. bag of Mexican blend cheese

3 – 4 – Boneless skinless chicken breasts 

1 – Small can of sliced black olives

1 – Large tomato

1 – Medium Vidalia onion

4 – Stalks of green onion

Dried or fresh cilantro (I prefer fresh)



Fresh shredded lettuce

Sour cream

Hot sauce


What to do:

Boil the chicken until no longer pink. This is a quick and easy way to just get your chicken cooked quickly. Chop it into small pieces and set aside. Dice the tomato, green onions and Vidalia onions and set aside. Open all the cans and have ready. (I puncture my enchilada sauce cans with a bottle/can opener to make it easier to pour.)

Start by coating the bottom of your casserole dish with 1/3 can of enchilada sauce. Next, start layering your ingredients in the order listed below: (my version, but you can do as you wish)

  • 6 Tortillas
  • Chicken, Cheese, Vidalia Onion, remaining can of Enchilada Sauce
  • 6 Tortillas
  • Chicken, Cheese, Vidalia Onion, ½ of the Green Onions, ½ of the tomatoes, ½ of the black olives 1 can of Enchilada Sauce
  • 6 Tortillas
  • Chicken, Cheese, Vidalia Onion, 1 can of enchilada sauce
  • 6 Tortillas, Remaining Chicken, Remaining Cheese, Vidalia Onion, 1 can of Enchilada Sauce
  • 6 Tortillas, Remaining Cheese, Remaining Vidalia Onion, other ½ of green onion, Tomato and black olives, last can of Enchilada Sauce and cilantro. (Make sure you cover all the tortillas edges with sauce or they will get dry and hard.)

Cover with foil and bake at 350° for 30 minutes, then uncover and bake another 15 minutes. Let sit for 10 – 15 minutes to set up before cutting or it will be too runny. Garnish with shredded lettuce and sour cream. Serves approx. 1o.


Serve with refried beans or Spanish rice. One of my favorite side dishes that is always a hit is called Chi-Chi’s Sweet Corn Cake found in Publix. This stuff is like dessert, it is so good, there are never any leftovers!



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