Mother’s Day DIY Gifts

I hope all of you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

I am blessed with many mother figures. First, my mom and grandmothers, as well as my hubby’s mom, step mom and grandmothers- plus all of the aunts, sisters, and friends who are amazing mothers too! These women deserve the world; and with all of these great women to honor and appreciate, Mother’s Day gifts can add up quickly.

Being on a budget (I have multiple graduations, birthdays and baby showers in the month of May too), I needed to get creative! I scanned Pinterest boards and DIY projects (that I actually felt confident that I could accomplish without burning the house down), and finally, I settled on a few projects.

First, for my darling mama, I made homemade Garden Markers for her blooming garden.

Markers and Stone

I used bake-in-your-oven clay from Michael’s. I rolled and flattened the clay out with a rolling pin on a sheet of wax paper. Then I used my rolling pizza cutter to cut the clay into rectangles and trimmed one edge to a point. With the leftover clay, I made a “stone.”

Markers 1

Next, I stamped words onto the clay marker (tiny stamp kit from Walmart’s craft section) and baked the markers at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. [Well, actually, longer than that. I forgot they were in the oven. I was gently reminded when I smelled them burning, and I had to fan the smoke out of my house. Oops… but I didn’t burn the house down! Mission accomplished… sorta.]

Once I took them out of the oven, I painted them using Acrylic paints (and used the eraser end of a pencil to stamp polka-dots) and applied a polyurethane coating to ensure that they were weather-resistant. She loved them!

Markers 2

I also made some note card sets for my beautiful grandma. She is so thoughtful and loves sending loving and encouraging notes via snail mail. So I thought this would be perfect for her.

DIY Notecards

I purchased a kraft card set from Michaels and used craft supplies that I already owned. On one note set, I used rub-on transfer letters to spell out words like “laugh,” “joy,” “happy” and “jojo” [because that’s my Grandma’s adorable nickname]. I added some cute washi tape and stamped some flowers. On a second set of notecards, I used adhesive rub-on transfer designs and applied glitter to the adhesive. I wrapped these sweet paper gifts up in twine and a cute tag.

DIY Notecards 2

I also gave my sister a custom Sea Lillie necklace with her daughter’s initial stamped into a gold heart with a raspberry pink teardrop stone. I wrapped the little beauty in this… Just a kraft bag, some stamps, and super-cute washi tape. [Are you starting to pick up on my obsession with washi tape?]

DIY Gift Wrapping

A couple of months ago, while “window shopping” at the Lowes’ Garden Center, I saw these sweet succulents hanging from simple white pots. I immediately thought of my mom. So I went back and got one for her… It’s now a lovely addition to her garden, even if I didn’t actually make it.

Succulent Hanging Planter

So those were a couple of the handmade gifts this month. I think some of the best gifts I have received were handmade, and I cherish them all the more because they were made from the heart. I’m hoping these lovely ladies enjoyed receiving these gifts as much as I enjoyed making them.

Love all you mamas and grandmas out there!





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