A Little More About Us

S026I come from a family full of crafty, do it yourself kind of people and I draw inspiration from all around me. My husband and I raised 4 daughters and that meant A LOT of birthday parties, showers and weddings. Now we are doing it all again with our grandchildren.

Our home has always been the place for family and friends to gather for celebrations, and I love making those celebrations as sweet, special and sparkly as they can be. Over the years I’ve baked and made party goods for my family and friends. Cupcake and cake toppers, banners, wrappers and confetti, as well as various DIY projects and lots of yummy sweets. In 2015, I decided to start an Etsy shop to share some of these lovelies with you.

Oodalollie means an expression of JOY.

In the shop you’ll find a wide variety of unique, hand-crafted paper products, decor and party supplies. I am devoted to creating products that enhance the presence of joy and inspire authentic celebrations. I work hard to craft the perfect goodies just for you!