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A Winter Bridal Shower

This past December, I hosted a bridal shower for my sister-in-law, Holly. (Yes, it’s taken me four months to write a post to share with you all, haha.)

This bridal shower was the first one I have ever planned, and will probably be one of the most memorable showers ever! It was an outdoor event, with 0% chance of rain expected until the day before the shower, when it increased to 10%. We woke up, and it was raining! Drizzling showers came and went all day, and pushed back our time to set everything up. A rainbow even came out and filled us with the hope that a downpour would miss us.


Hopeful that it wouldn’t rain, we set everything up and waited for the guests to come. Holly’s brothers, Gino (my husband) and Ryan, served as waiters and escorted the guests to the party, which was held in a dear friend’s beautiful backyard. The guests would arrive just before sundown, and we made luminaries to light the path.




The shower started at 5 pm, and almost exactly at that time, the heavens opened up. To be honest, I practically had a meltdown. Everyone raced inside and we tried to salvage as much as we could (but forget my cute hairstyle!).


After about 45 minutes, the rain had passed, and tablecloths were thrown into a dryer and everything was rearranged. It wasn’t the most stress-free event I’ve been a part of, but by far, I learned a lot about myself and others in this whole ordeal. The bride, Holly, was absolutely in love with everything- even when it was wet. My mom and the rest of our amazing family and friends helped put everything back together. I am blessed with some pretty incredible women in my life. Thank you to everyone who helped make it a magical evening, and the warmest congratulations and love to our bride.

See below for pictures of the event and some information on the things I DIY’ed.

Beverage Station: Sangria, Fruit-Infused Water, and Hot Chocolate!

We set up a Beverage Station which had Sangria, Fruit-infused Water and Hot Chocolate. I bought the coffee cups from Party City and decorated them with little gold hearts. I used tiny double-sided sticky foam mounting squares (from Michael’s) and attached little gold hearts that I punched from scrapbook paper with a heart-shaped hole punch. The hot chocolate was a life-saver after the rain since the temperature dropped. It was a lovely, cool night!


Holly loves all things girly and pink, so I decided to use a lot of gold glitter & pink wherever I could! I painted candlestick holders (from the dollar store), tea light holders & mason jars (from Walmart) with Mod-Podge and sprinkled gold glitter over and let dry. The “H &M” initials were bought from Michael’s and I used gold spray-paint to fancy them up a bit.

Cupcakes and Cookies

My mom made the sugar cookies for favors and the (delicious!!!!) cupcakes for dessert. For the cupcake toppers, she ordered little deer from Etsy and we painted them gold. We also used pink glitter scrapbook paper and that handy heart-shaped hole punch again! We glued a toothpick in between two pink glitter hearts for easy, cute cupcake toppers.

And our finishing touch was fresh flowers! We used pink roses and baby’s breath. It was romantic and sweet with the candlelit dinner, laughing and loving guests, and a beautiful Florida breeze in the air. It was a wonderful evening!


Letters and Games


Here is the beautiful bride, Holly!

yard tree

Since the bridal shower, the lovely bride has already tied the knot! Congratulations to my sister and brother: Mr. & Mrs. Del Villar.

The Newlyweds

Signature - Kaela

Kitten Ears and Colored Powder!

A few weeks ago I did something I have never done before. I participated in a 5k event. I should probably start by telling you I am NOT a runner by any means. There are so many other activities I can do with great endurance, but for some reason, running is not one of them. This particular event, called The Color Run, was quite intriguing though, and after looking into it further, I knew I had to do it.

The concept of The Color Run, also known as “The Happiest 5k on the Planet,” is to promote being fit and healthy, giving back to your community, and having an absolute blast doing it. The race is not timed (thank goodness), and the only rule is that you wear all white. Along the race course, the runners go through colored checkpoints while volunteers bomb you with colored powder. What? I’m in!

I decided I was not going to do this alone so my team was born….The Fire Breathing Kittens! Decked in white clothing, flaming socks and kitty ears, 17 of us headed to Ft. Lauderdale.

Still feeling slightly intimidated, I took off from the start line with my other flaming kitties, not knowing whether I was going to fall over dead after a mile.

We hit the first checkpoint and the color flew!

Oh my goodness, I never thought running could be so much fun! Checkpoint after checkpoint we got dirtier, sweatier, and way more colorful. Along the route, I could not help but to notice a few things.

First, there were ALL KINDS of people there. On my team alone we ran with Kenzie who was 7 months old and my mom who is 71.

I saw people of all ages and body sizes. I saw people in wheelchairs and on crutches. None of it mattered because everyone was there to just have fun and be healthy.

Second, was the fact that all of the people there looked like complete idiots! Our kitty ears were nothing compared to the wigs, rainbow fur boots, tutu’s and unitards. No one cared about what brand their clothes were or who does their hair. It was pure abandonment of image which was beautiful.

Finally, the one thing that I really saw was unity. There were thousands of people at this run. Thousands. You generally don’t put that many people in one place without there being at least a little conflict. All I saw was a mob of happy lunatics all dressed like wackos, running the same direction for the same reasons with huge smiles on their faces. The race ended at a pavilion where the party and color bombing continued. All the funny costumes all blended into one blur of universal color.

It was great to be physical and feel healthy, it was great to raise money for a charitable cause, but it was amazing to have the abandonment of a child and for a few hours feel silly, get completely dirty and laugh hard out loud. To not care about looking cool, or rich, or beautiful. I wonder what it would take for more people to let go like this more often from day to day? Put on a tutu and run around your living room for a few minutes; I guarantee it will put a smile on your face!