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Christmas Cookie Exchange!

Yesterday we hosted our very first Christmas Cookie Exchange. What an awesome day we had being able to hang out with great friends while we slowly slipped into a sugar coma.

When Kaela and I settled on a date for the cookie exchange, we sent out the invites and asked each person to submit thier recipe so that we would not have any duplicates. We also asked that they bring 4 dozen cookies on a platter, along with a storage container to transport any leftover cookies back home.

Holy cow, did we get some yummy recipes rolling in.

I felt fatter just reading them!

One by one, everyone arrived toting platters of deliciousness! We kept aside some cookies for sampling and displayed the rest. It looked like the Taj Mahal of cookies.

To give each cookie it’s own 15 minutes of fame, we had each person tell us about their cookie while we passed around some samples to taste. Did I mention the sugar coma? Yes it was certainly kicking in at this point. My grandson Cameron was certainly the hit with all the ladies when he volunteered to pass out all the cookie samples.

All the baked creations were so beautiful and delicious and for some friendly competition, we let everyone vote on the cookies. The categories were Most Unique, Most Yummy, Best Looking and Best Overall.

Drum roll please……

And the winners were….

  • Most Unique – Peanut Butter Poochie Treats by Courtney Roper
  • Most Yummy – Oreo Chocolate Chip by Jillian Boyle and Holly Antolino
  • Best Looking – Hallon Kaka by Bre Burke
  • Best Overall – Salted Carmel Shortbread by Melissa Vega

We also did a little D.I.Y. tutorial on how to make some cute little cookie gift packaging. After all, we certainly cannot eat 4 dozen cookies each, so we’ll share a little sugar love with our friends and family. I know I’ve got a few people already waiting to get theirs.  (Right Paul?)

After a wonderful day of laughter and insulin shock, everyone packed up their goodies to go. Each person took several cookies from each platter so they went home with almost as many cookies as they came with (minus a few for the sampling).

As a thank you and hopefully inspiration for next year, everyone got a cute little cookie cutter. I found a free printable tag here.

Starting today, I will post one recipe a day so you too can share in these delicious treats and make some for yourself.


Thank you again to all the ladies that came and shared some delicious recipes. Your presence and friendship is greatly appreciated and I pray you all have a “sweet” and blessed Christmas.

Click on first picture to view photos of our fun day.









Memory Tablecloth

Holidays are a very special time of the year for me. I have to be honest though, I really can’t stand all the hype that is put out there that supports going into hock just to buy junk that your friends and family probably won’t care about 3 months later. The holiday’s are very special to me because of FAMILY. I absolutely love it when everyone comes over and spends time together cooking, playing games and just hanging out. When your kids grow up and start families of their own, life gets busy very quickly, so times like these are treasured.

I was drooling, I mean, window shopping, in the store the other day at all the beautiful holiday table linens that were on display. My Thanksgiving tablecloth has been around quite a few seasons and has suffered a few tears, so it was time for a new one. In trying to plan my table theme, I just kept coming back to the main reason for Thanksgiving; being thankful. Holidays are also about traditions and memories, and it’s never too late to start them.

A memory tablecloth is a great idea that will be a fun way to build these memories and be able to reflect back on old ones. I bought a plain rust colored tablecloth, but any plain color will work, and laid out permanent fabric markers at the table with a little note attached.

I asked everyone to write on the tablecloth something that they are thankful for. It was great to watch everyone’s wheels spin as they reflected on what to write. When everyone was done, we all got a chance to go around the table and read what each person wrote. What an amazing feeling to see so much love and gratitude poured out into one place. Best of all, year after year we can bring out this tablecloth and just keep adding to it. Years from now it will be a blast to go back and re-read all the things that were written.

Have you started and new holiday traditions?