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Memory Tablecloth

Holidays are a very special time of the year for me. I have to be honest though, I really can’t stand all the hype that is put out there that supports going into hock just to buy junk that your friends and family probably won’t care about 3 months later. The holiday’s are very special to me because of FAMILY. I absolutely love it when everyone comes over and spends time together cooking, playing games and just hanging out. When your kids grow up and start families of their own, life gets busy very quickly, so times like these are treasured.

I was drooling, I mean, window shopping, in the store the other day at all the beautiful holiday table linens that were on display. My Thanksgiving tablecloth has been around quite a few seasons and has suffered a few tears, so it was time for a new one. In trying to plan my table theme, I just kept coming back to the main reason for Thanksgiving; being thankful. Holidays are also about traditions and memories, and it’s never too late to start them.

A memory tablecloth is a great idea that will be a fun way to build these memories and be able to reflect back on old ones. I bought a plain rust colored tablecloth, but any plain color will work, and laid out permanent fabric markers at the table with a little note attached.

I asked everyone to write on the tablecloth something that they are thankful for. It was great to watch everyone’s wheels spin as they reflected on what to write. When everyone was done, we all got a chance to go around the table and read what each person wrote. What an amazing feeling to see so much love and gratitude poured out into one place. Best of all, year after year we can bring out this tablecloth and just keep adding to it. Years from now it will be a blast to go back and re-read all the things that were written.

Have you started and new holiday traditions?








Spook-tacular Halloween

I woke up one day last week and noticed that there was a new cemetery across the street from my house. Did I die and not realize it? Nope. It was the beginnings of our neighbors Courtney and Kenny’s annual Halloween bash!

This is by far Courtney’s favorite holiday of the year and you can certainly tell by how much effort she puts into making this party extra special. In fact, last year, their Halloween party turned out to be a surprise wedding!

Under the pressure to look amazing at such an awesome party, Paul and I had to come up with great costumes so we decided this year to be Papa Smurf and Smurfette. It was a big hit and everyone loved it. I did quite a bit of research to figure out the right body paint. We ended up using a light blue body paint from Mehron and it worked great! Went on easy, stayed on dry, and came off very easy. I purchased it from Chicago Airbrush Supply and the people there were absolutely so helpful. I will definitely buy there again.

Courtney kept all her decorating and cooking ideas under wraps so that all the 70+ guests would be surprised. Thanks to Pinterest, Courtney found some great ideas of things to add to her already amazing ideas. When we arrived at the party, I was so impressed by all of the great ideas that she put together that I immediately had to go around the house and take pictures. I am certain I did not get pictures of everything, there was so much to see! I’ve never tasted dirty cotton swabs and severed feet that were so delicious.

There were also so many great costumes there. It was so fun waiting to see who or what was going to walk in the door next. Click through the photos below to see all the pictures, and hopefully it will inspire you for your next Halloween party.

Visit this link HERE to see some of Courtney’s inspiration.

Great job Courtney and Kenny. I can’t wait until next year!