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Creative Labor Announcement!

When Kortney reached her 9th month of pregnancy, she was constantly getting texts and Facebook messages from family and friends who were waiting with baited breath and dying with anticipation for the day she would go into labor. Most people thought she would deliver early and there were a few ongoing bets as to the delivery date. Kaela, however, guessed it right just like she did when Cameron was born.

She’s like the baby whisperer.

Myself on the other hand, am starting to get known as the one who always makes the classic iMovie for all the big life events, so it seemed only fitting this would be one of those times. I did make a beautiful iMovie for Kortney for her shower, but I needed a quick, exciting “pop” to announce that Kortney was finally going into labor. Having a baby is a time for joy and celebration, so why not have fun with it right?

One of the more recent features that iMovie offers is called Trailers. They are quickie templates that you can very easily pop video snippets into. I made one of these a few years back to announce to my mother-n-law, a surprise vacation we were taking her on for her 70th birthday. iMovie Trailers are fun and easy, and offer a variety of templates to choose from.

I took all of the video with my iPhone once we were on our way to the hospital and uploaded it onto my MacBook while we were in the hospital waiting room. Since we were waiting there for 3 1/2 hours, I had PLENTY of time to make minor edits and publish the big announcement to Facebook. Everyone loved it and were able to share in the excitement and anticipation of baby Kenzie’s arrival.

Many of my friends have been contacting me and asking how I did it so I figured I’d share the info and put the final video up as well. The process is pretty simple, but if you have any other questions about how to make an iMovie Trailer, let me know. I’d also love to see any iMovie Trailers you’ve made for your upcoming big event!






I Don’t Think You’re Ready for This Belly….

Cuz’ my Belly’s too Babylicious for Ya Baby!

Watching Kortney’s belly grow has been so much fun. When you start out at a mere 89 lbs., you tend to show pretty quickly.  I thought it would be fun to track her progress with photos to see how she changes from month to month; she’s kinda like a Chia Pet.

As I write this, Kortney is experiencing her first signs of labor and we’ll be off to the hospital soon. Stay tuned to see the amazing arrival of out little sweetie, Kenzie Harper.


Click on the first photo to see the progression.