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Baby Shower Fun!

Kortney’s baby shower was last week and we had so much fun designing the decor and coming up with fun things to do, and delicious things to eat. We thought we’d share with you some of crafty little ideas we had in hopes to inspire you for your next shin-dig.

S’Mores Station

Besides the absolutely delicious homemade, mini-cupcakes that were made by great-grandma a.k.a. “GG”, we decided to make dessert an activity as well, and who doesn’t love s’mores? We took a candle holder and filled it with Sterno cans and rocks for that campfire look, and placed marshmallows on skewer sticks so they can be roasted over the Sterno flame. We placed a jar of graham crackers out for the traditional s’more maker, but also had different dipping bowls for the toppings. Hot fudge topping, caramel topping, crushed graham crackers and crushed chocolate cookies. Yum, yum and more yum! This was a fun way to do dessert.

Chalkboard Signs

Chalkboard signs are somewhat popular right now and can be a little easy to find, but can also be expensive. We like to keep thinks as cheap as possible so decided to make our own. This can help with providing variety in the sizes you may need too.

Most craft or hardware stores, even Wal-Mart, sells chalkboard spray paint. We went to the thrift store and bought some various size pictures and frames for our chalkboards. Simply, take the glass out of the frame and spray it with chalkboard paint. You can also paint the frames with acrylic paint if you have a particular color scheme. We painted most of ours white and left two of them wood tone. We used plain old chalk for some of the larger signs but on the smaller signs it was hard to write small, so we bought a chalkboard pen from Michael’s craft store. It worked really well, but did not erase as it said on the package. We made a mistake and had to repaint the glass and start over.

Baby Blocks

One of or activities for the shower was to have the guests make their own baby block. We bought 3 x 3 inch wood blocks and sanded the edges a bit so they weren’t so sharp and pre-painted them. We got scrapbook paper and cut it out in squares slightly smaller than 3 x 3 and also purchased alphabet stickers. To make it easy, we packaged 4 squares of paper and one letter in a small baggie for each block. Guests grabbed a baggie and a block and applied the decorations with Mod Podge and a foam applicator. We pre-made one as an example for the table. Afterwards, we sealed the entire block with another layer of Mod Podge.


Love Letters

As a keepsake from the shower, we asked each guest to write a note expressing their love and encouragement in a scrapbook. We cut out small pieces of paper and taped them into a scrapbook and left it out on a desk and throughout the night guests stopped by and wrote some beautiful messages.

We will also add to it, any cards that were received and decorate the book up with cute pictures and stickers. It’s a nice way for Kortney to reflect back and someday share with Kenzie when she’s older.

Diaper Messages

This was a fun idea we did at my daughter Amy’s shower as well. Guests simply wrote funny messages with Sharpie markers on a diaper. Amy said she would wake up at 3 am exhausted and weary and laugh when she saw a funny message or word of encouragement on one of the diapers. It was an easy activity and our guests had a lot of fun coming up with funny things to write.

Photo Booth

A photo booth is a perfect opportunity to bring out the silly in someone. This was also a great way to get pictures of all of the guests, and looking back at the pictures, it was far more amusing than standard poses. We went on the internet and found several places that allowed you to download props for free to print like here, but search around, you’ll find a lot. We printed them onto card stock and cut them out. We used the wood skewers that we bought for the s’mores station and hot glued them on as a handle. When setting up your photo booth area, find a well-lit location that is out of the way of walking traffic. We used the corner of our patio since our shower activities took place indoors and outdoors. We hung a tapestry on the wall and set out the props. As you can see, it was a blast and I saw quite a few Facebook profile pictures being updated with these fun photos.

Whatever you decide to do, get creative and think outside the box. To see photos of the entire shower, CLICK HERE!

What fun and creative ideas did you do at your baby or bridal shower? I want to hear about it.







Dressy Drawers

Paul and I have one grandchild, Cameron, who is almost 6, and a granddaughter, Kenzie on the way. Since we have 4 daughters, grandchildren (hopefully lots of them) are in our future, and we decided to turn a spare room into a nursery/kid’s room. As I started planning out the room, I placed the layout of everything in my mind, taking mental inventory of what I already had vs. what I still needed. Crib? Check. Toy Box? Check. Dresser? Uh-oh, no dresser. After days of looking at various furniture stores with no luck finding exactly what I wanted, I decided to check out Craigslist and stumbled upon this little antique beauty for $50 bucks. Bingo! That was the dresser I wanted. It needed a little TLC, but it was in great condition.

We picked it up the next day and got started on it right away (since I am so impatient). I decided to match the twin bed we have for Cameron, and go with an eggshell black for the outside of the dresser.

Being that this was going in a kids’ room though, it needed a little POP so I decided to paint and Mod Podge the drawers with fabric.

You know me, I can’t do anything as simple as just paint, so here’s what I did:

I started out by painting the inside bottom of the drawer with a funky mustard color.

I didn’t need an entire quart, so I got two Behr paint samples at Home Depot and it was enough to do all the drawers with two coats. Home Depot will custom mix any color you want.



Next were the fabric sides: The drawers are curved and are various sizes so I figured the best way to not make too many mistakes cutting my fabric, was to make a paper pattern. I grabbed the roll of paper off of the art easel in the kids’ room. (However, any roll of paper would work fine. It costs more, but you could even wrap aluminum foil around the drawer side and shape your pattern that way.) I wrapped the paper on the sides and traced the outline with a pencil. Afterwards, I used a right angle to make my lines a little straighter, then cut out my fabric. You can use this same pattern for the other drawer side. However, don’t forget to flip it opposite. Yeah, I made an “oops” the first time.


I then used a sponge applicator and applied Mod Podge to the outside and inside of the drawer sides. Then I carefully placed the fabric on and smoothed it out. Don’t worry about getting Mod Podge all over. Be as neat as possible, but it does dry clear. We used the matte finish. Let the Mod Podge dry for 15 minutes, then completely cover the fabric’s top side with Mod Podge again. This seals the fabric into the two layers. The top coat is optional, but I did not want a fabric surface prone to stains. Repeat this process on each drawer until you’re done. Get creative! You can use different print fabrics or even do this with a pretty print paper.


Last was the hardware: When we bought the dresser the old hardware was pretty tarnished and needed to be cleaned. I scrubbed them with a paste made up from fresh squeezed lemon juice and baking soda and they cleaned right up!

In total with all the supplies, the dresser cost me $58.37.


This was way cheaper and a lot more unique than any new dresser I could find. 

And there you have it! What do you think?