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Me Time {Bringing the Spa Home}

Inspired by our DIY Sugar Scrub, I curated the following Etsy treasury. Be inspired to take some time to relax and enjoy!


‘Me Time! {Bringing the Spa Home}’ by sealillie

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 Be sure to check out all of these great Etsy shops!

Homemade Sugar Scrub

My daughter Kortney’s baby shower was this past weekend. That of course, meant Kaela and I have been putting our creative party skills to the test! We have been eating, sleeping and breathing baby shower ideas for a few months now. We came to the stage in our planning where we needed to come up with some ideas for prizes for two of the games we are going to play, and knew we wanted something crafty and homemade. Exhausted from the day, I decided to take a shower. As I reached for the jar of body scrub, I realized I was almost out. I go through that stuff like crazy and thought, “something like this would make great shower gifts, I should figure out how to make this stuff myself.”

So I did.

I researched various recipes and methods online to see what most people were trying. I got quite a few recipes that called for olive oil. I cook with olive oil a lot and that just seemed to thick too me, so I opted to not go that route. I then found one that called for grape seed oil. Hmmm, sounds good. I whipped a few things together and jumped in the shower. Smelled good, felt good, rinsed good…..NOT!!! I was so greasy you could have deep-fried me. YUCK! My shower was also covered in oil.

Back to the drawing board.

I know a lot of people have used almond oil, which I may try in the future, but it is a little pricey. I figured I’d keep it easy and try using an oil that is designed specifically for skin. After a lot of trial and error, I found this great generic brand body oil at Target. I whipped up a batch until I got the right consistency and tried it out. Perfect! It smelled great, felt great and rinsed right off with no oily residue on me or my shower.

I gave a batch to my quality control department (Kaela) and she loved it too, so we decided it was a keeper. Our baby shower theme was vintage, Anthropologie style and we used mason/canning jars as part of the decor. While purchasing some at Target, I also found some great short ones that are the perfect size for body scrub.

So here is what it took to make the scrub and decorate the jars if you want to spruce it up for a gift.

For one jar:

    • 1/2 cup white sugar
    • 1/4 cup raw sugar
    • 1/4 cup + 2 tablespoons body oil (Up and Up brand – Target)
    • 8 ounce wide mouth canning jar (Ball brand)
    • 6 inch round fabric piece
    • Twine (disregard the rubber band in the photo, I ended up not using it)
    • Mini spoon
    • Tag
    • Pinking shears

In a mixing bowl, measure out the sugars and oil and mix together until all the ingredients look well combined.

The consistency should be like a thick slushy. Carefully spoon the sugar mixture into the canning jar.


For the canning jar lid, I painted the metal rim part with an acrylic paint in a color to compliment the fabric I chose, but you can just leave it metallic as well. The fabric used for the lid is 6 inches round. I grabbed a lid to a tin canister I had that was the right size and traced it out. Then I cut fabric with pinking sheers.


Place the lid on the jar, place the fabric on top, and screw the rim on to hold it in place.

Now just tie some twine around, and tuck in a cute little spoon for scooping. For a little extra touch, you can even attach a tag.

This project is so simple and makes a really great gift, but don’t forget to spoil yourself and keep a big ‘ol jar of it in the shower.

Give it a try!