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Doggie Duvet


If you’ve ever had a dog, you probably know they can be sometimes messy and sometimes destructive depending on the age, but you just can’t help but to love em’ anyways! Kaela and I both adopted our boxers from Coastal Boxer Rescue. Oneye was 1 and Grace was 3 when we adopted them, and “almost” past the Captain Destructo stage. Kaela’s dog Juniper was only 8 weeks old and she still had a long time to go before leaving puppy-hood. Often times though, regardless of the age, most dogs can have an all-out insatiable need to “gut” anything that possesses any sort of stuffing, including dog beds.


I submit to the audience evidence “A” of such dog bed after it’s brutal and unmerciful death. Note the suspected murder felon watching in suspenseful anticipation of her arrest.



Oneye – Guilty as charged for the crime of first degree dog bed murder!






We both went through them being un-stuffed, peed on and covered in dirt, and let me tell you, dog beds are expensive (especially large ones), so we decided to make our own.

I had a large roll of fabric left over from some outdoor chair cushions I re-covered, so I decided to keep costs down and use that to make a duvet cover for the bed. I figured this outdoor-type fabric would also make it easy to wash. (Really any old blanket or sheet would have worked just fine for the bed or duvet cover. Get creative.)

Here is our list of materials:

  • Muslin
  • Fabric
  • Batting
  • Matching thread
  • 18-24″ zipper
  • Scotch Guard (optional)
  • Gummy Bears (not optional)




I am not a seamstress. I’m more of a make it up as you go-er kind of gal and I believe in making things easy. If I can do it, so can you and this project took approximately 2 hours. I already had Scotch Guard, the fabric and thread for the duvet, so the remaining materials only cost me 5 bucks! The batting can be expensive, so we used the batting from the previously murdered dog bed, but you could also stuff the bed with old sheets or towels.


Here is how we did it:


First, we had to create the inner bed to stuff into the duvet. I bought  2 1/2 yards of muslin that was 34″ inches wide. I cut two pieces to 46″ in length and sewed every side closed except the last side. I left an opening about 10 inches wide to allow for stuffing.

I flipped it inside out, stuffed it and sewed the opening closed.

Bam! Done with the bed.

I decided to use Scotch Guard on the bed liner of the bed just to help make it a little more water-resistant so that I would really only have to launder the duvet when it gets dirty. Of course, this step is optional depending upon your preferences. If you choose to use Scotch Guard, spray the bed outdoors as directed. While it’s drying, start the duvet.

My outside fabric was already 46″ wide and I cut the length to 68″. The duvet is one piece that is folded in half, so you are only sewing three sides. I started by sewing a small hem all the way around. Next, I folded the fabric in half (inside out), and sewed all ends of the duvet closed except one small end.  You will end up with the picture below. (My photo has the bed inside just for visual purposes, but you would not have it in there yet at this point.)


Next, pin in the zipper like shown.

Sew the zipper into the edge (don’t forget to use a zipper foot) and then sew the two ends on either side of the zipper closed from the outside. You may need to hand stitch close to the zipper ends. If you need a little extra tutorial on zippers, click here for a helpful and simple video tutorial that I found. Once you’re done, stuff the bed into the duvet and voila! You’re done!

Have you made a doggie duvet? I wanna hear about it!